There’s nothing more sensitive than eye care tips for children. Regardless of their tender age, many of them are at a stage where they don’t honestly know how to keep their eyes healthy. As they play, run around, and do various activities, you’ll need to care for them even better.

As your child grows, you want to ensure that your child’s eye health is in peak condition. Here are some eye care tips for children to help them keep a lovely, clear vision.

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Schedule An Eye Care Checkup

One of the most important things you need to do for your child is to schedule an eye exam. This is typically done every 1 to 2 years, ensuring that doctors catch any eye problems. This allows for quick discovery and an earlier treatment before the situation worsens. 

The ophthalmologist will check for eye problems, such as myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism. They’ll also check for color blindness and how well your kid can focus.

eye care tips for children

If your child hasn’t had an exam in quite some time, it’s recommended that you get one scheduled. You can take care of minor problems before they develop into something significant. Ensure that they get to a doctor specializing in pediatric optometry to get a checkup done.

Limit Screen Time

With today’s technology, it’s become easy to take many photos, play games, and watch videos. While this is a good thing, too much screen time can have dire consequences. As parents, it’s your job to keep this to a minimum. Studies have found that excessive amounts of computer use can strain the eyes. 

They love to stare at those for hours, from TV to video games. While it may seem fun to adults, it isn’t good for their eyesight. When they’re constantly staring at screens, it can cause dry eyes, headaches, and blurred or double vision.

To keep from straining or injuring your eyes, limit your kids’ amount of time on the computer. They can use them for homework and projects only. Playing games should be done for no more than 30 minutes a day, and watching videos should be limited to 2 or 3 hours a day.  

Make Sure You’re Providing The Right Glasses 

Even if you get a regular eye exam and everything goes fine, that doesn’t mean that you won’t need to buy glasses for your child. If your child needs to wear one, make sure that you buy a pair that is the right fit. It should be strong enough, but not too strong.

Wearing glasses can be a big hassle for kids, but it can also be vital. If they have a prescription, they need to wear them to avoid damaging their vision. They’ll need either a regular or bifocal pair, depending on their age. 

kids with glass

Bifocal lenses will help older children see things from far away and up close. They can also give you better depth perception. If they’re younger, then they can just stick with regular ones. 

Use Eye Drops When Needed

When children start complaining about eye issues, this can be a problem. If your child experiences stinging, burning, or itching, it’s time to get them some eye drops. This is common for children with allergies or irritated eyes, especially if they wear contact lenses.

For example, if your child is diagnosed with conjunctivitis, they need to apply some eye drops to help them to heal much faster. However, you need to make sure that you buy the right kind. There are different types of medications available such as medicated versus non-medicinal and preservative-free. 

Talk to your doctor to find out which type is better. If you can opt for cruelty-free products.

Give Them More Vitamins

On top of limiting their use of electronics, giving your children more vitamins can help improve their overall health. It will help them have a healthier, stronger, and sharper vision and fight off any illnesses.  

While vitamins are great for overall health, they can benefit your eye. Certain vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, can help to prevent cataracts. If your kids take these daily, you can see a difference. 

When it comes to taking these supplements, talk to your doctor. They may recommend a vitamin that explicitly targets the vision. Many eye vitamins are also fantastic for sensitive skin, including lutein and zeaxanthin.

Wear Eye Protection

As your child is playing with their dog or cat, they’ll often put their hands near their muzzle. This can cause scratches and cuts on their corneas, so teach them not to do it if they want to put their fingers in Fido’s mouth. 

Also, if your child is into any sports, it’s a good idea to purchase some protective gear. Since they spend so much time running around, this will help to protect them from getting hurt. 

Eye protection does not mean giving your kids sunglasses or goggles every time. Rather, you want to protect their eyes during extreme weather and situations.

Ensure that they are wearing some form of protection, whether it’s goggles, sunglasses, or safety eyeglasses. If you let them outside, especially on a sunny day, the sun can seriously damage their sight. This has been one of the top eye care tips that most doctors recommend.

Wash Their Eyes Properly  

It’s important to wash their face first whenever you expose them to dirty or dusty environments. This will help to remove dust, dirt, and debris. For children under the age of 5, you should also clean their eyelids and eyelashes. 

Even though it may not seem like it, the outside of your baby’s eyes contains dirt, dust, and bacteria. It can quickly get into their eyeballs as your little one rubs them. This can lead to infections and other problems. 

To prevent this, wipe them clean with a soft cloth every time they go outside. This will remove the excess dirt and help stop them from getting any germs. Start by cleaning their eyelids and lashes using a washcloth or a soft baby toothbrush. Wash their face and ears too. Then, rinse their eyelashes with sterile saline or a balanced salt solution.

Final Words: Eye care tips for childrens

Your kid’s vision is critical, and, unfortunately, many young kids don’t correctly care for it. With these eye care tips and your help, you can ensure that they have a solid, crystal-clear, and healthy vision for life. 

Many kids will need to take care of their yearly checkups at some point. If their prescriptions change, you’ll need to buy them new eyewear. They will also need to take on more responsibility for their self-care. By following these simple eye care tips, you can ensure that their eyes are in the best shape possible. 

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