Slim thick diet means a diet plan to have a slim thick body. This type of body was brought into vogue by Kim Kardashian -West. Read this article to find out if curvy slim thick body is achievable without any surgeries or expensive procedures?

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Urban Dictionary defines slim thick a girl with a slim body shape but a big thigh and booty usually with asmall waist and flat stomach. Slim thick diet consists different low carbs foods which put weight loss in action. In order to maintain this kind of figure, the diet must be followed by general workout.

Slim thick body: Summary

In case you want to read the post at a glance, we have got your covered. Here are some of the key points to achieve slim thick body.

  • Consume high amount of protein rich foods.
  • Avoid process foods and dairy products at any cost.
  • Limit intake of sugar.
  • Stay hydrated and supplement your diet with spirulina.
  • Watch out for carbs.
  • Perform cardiovascular exercise.
  • Include squats in your regular workout.
  • Consider left and right oblique V-ups.
slim thick body

Healthy weight loss takes time. Initially, you may see rapid weight loss due to change in diet but bear in mind minimum of 10 weeks consistency and clean eating is required to gain slim thick body. This is not impossible but is impossible in 2 weeks before your next birthday cruise.

What is Slim Thick Diet?

Do not consider only on eating to get slim and thick body. You must have to follow your diet with some exercise or workout. We will discuss both required diet plan i.e. slim thick diet and workout. Let’s start with diet plan and ideas.

You can add anything to your slim thick diet as long as they are rich in following nutrients:

  • Protein rich food: Peas, Lentils, Nuts, Seeds, Chicken, Milk, Eggs and so on.
  • Fiber: Whole grains, Fresh fruits, Salad, Beans and so on.
  • Limited amount of fats: Olive oil, Ghee, Coconut oil, Nut butter and so on.
  • Carbohydrates (limited amount): Whole fruits, grains, sweet potato, beans and legumes etc.

Protein in slim thick diet

Protein is often known as king of nutrients when it comes to weight loss. Human body needs protein to burn calories. High protein food can boost metabolism by 90-100 calories per day meaning you burn few extra calories per day. Protein diet can also make your tummy feel full and reduce appetite. Having breakfast with eggs and chicken in dinner can boost protein intake in your body.

Avoid processed foods

Processed food is often tasty but comes with a high price of added sugar, fats and calories. What’s more than this is they are engineered in such a way that makes you eat as much as you can more likely to cause addiction. Unprocessed food, in other hand can be more beneficial to our body providing crucial nutrient that we need.

slim thick diet

Limit intake of sugar

Sugar is world’s most leading cause of different disease like heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. On average a person consumes about 12-14 tablespoons of sugar everyday and most of them comes from processed foods and junk foods. The problem here is you might be eating sugar without even knowing it. Minimizing sugar intake is a great way to improve your weight loss goal.

Stay Hydrated

Its not scientifically proved that staying hydrated aids in weight loss. Drinking 600ml of water causes increase in calories burn by 23-28%. Water is particularly good for weight loss as it replaces other drinks with a high calorie and sugar.

Supplement with Spirulina

Spirulina is a high protein and low-calorie food that is enriched with nutrition. If you do not know what it is and how it supplements weight loss, then we recommend you to read our Spirulina for weight loss article. It is also rich other nutrients links potassium, manganese and magnesium.

Watch out for Carbs

Carbohydrates are badly known for weight gain but on the contrary, you do need carbs for weight loss. It is important to introduce a decent amount of carbs in your slim thick diet. Here are some of the important carbs that you need to include in your diet:

  • Whole Fruits
  • Whole grains
  • High-fiber vegetables like sweet potato, green leaves, carrots, beetroots.
  • High fiber beans and legumes.

While dairy products are also rich in some sorts of nutrients but avoid them as much as you can if you want to maintain slim thick body.

There are other parts of diet that needs to be included in slim thick diet. However, if slim thick diet is not coupled with weight loss exercise then its of no use. Here are some of the exercises that can be coupled with slim thick diet in order to gain slim thick body.

Slim Thick Body Exercises

Cardio or Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardio exercise balance three factors i.e. intensity, frequency and duration. It can be great in order to get slim thick body. Common cardio exercise includes running, swimming, rowing and cycling. However, treadmill, stepping machine, ski trainer, stationary cycling machines are great alternatives. These sorts of exercise are designed to raise heart rate and respiration from moderate to high intensity for 10-15 minutes depending on the duration. Cardio exercises are beneficial for building muscle strength, weight loss and of course slim thick body.

What to do with gym clothes after workout


Squats are basic movement of up and down which help to make your thigh more muscular. They are great, easy and yet most effective way to tone up your lower body especially thighs. Combining squats and slim thick diet is best way to attain slim thick body.

Left and right oblique V-ups

Left and Right V-ups are abdominal exercises which helps to shape your mid body. This is one of the best slim thick body exercises as it requires no equipment and do not have any complicated moves to remember. If you are willing to master left and right oblique V-ups then do read the complete guide from 12MinuteAthelete.

The holidays are just around the corner. Most of us are worried about our shopping, and rest of us are worried about the weight we gain during these times. Follow our simple guide to maintain your slim thick body. If you require any sort of explanation or examples on anything mentioned above, leave a comment below. We will hit you back shortly.

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