There are people who ask weird question everywhere not only on GYM. Well in a way GYM is also a kind of zoo where some of the funniest people come over. Why do my pee smells after eating asparagus? Why does my leg itch when I do cardio? Here are some of the weird fitness questions and answers, that people ask at GYM.

We have always been posting to the point articles and blogs in our website but just wanted you guys to entertain with some of the funny fitness question that are asked around GYM.

The weird fitness questions:

  •  How do I wake up at 5 a.m. daily at the workout?

Before you ask this question to us, we want to ask you a question why do you want to work out? Simply set alarm for 5 am and wake up like rest of others.

  • Which food is most helpful for increasing bicep size?

Maybe, eating bicep will help you.  There’s no food that specifically works only for biceps. Eat healthy food, and workout every day you will see your bicep growing in a couple of months.  

  • How can I build a body like a wrestler?

The simple way is, being their parents born. If you don’t think this is possible then look at your question itself. You cannot copy someone’s genetics, the best you can do is a workout as much as you can and build your own body. 

  •  Why only I am fat?

Again, we have some questions for you; why you are only the person who eats a lot and works out less. Eat healthily and workouts daily then you can lose your fat easily. 

  • How do I lose weight doing less exercise and eating pizza?

You don’t. This is the moment why I wonder what you are doing at GYM, visit ZOO they might have some place for you.

  • Can I be fat and have abs?

Oh! Yes, you can why not. Just grab a magic marker and draw the abs. Make sure you get the marker of skin color or else people will spot it.

  • It’s been a month my biceps are still same?

Oh! No, you are at wrong place. Visit a local national park and see the biceps tree and pick them.

  • Give me a good reason to work out today?

If you work out a bit extra, maybe you can have a pizza today.

You might think, do people actually ask these weird fitness questions, but we have seen a lot of dumb people who are more hilarious than these.

Funny fitness questions:

  • What are most easy ways to lose weight?

Netflix and chill! This is the most easy way to do it. To add on you can buy a pizza on side.

weird fitness question
  • What if instead of running inside the GYM, you ran to the GYM?

        We can see GYM is not only making you fit but smart too. 

  • Should I just do cardio to lose weight?

  We are glad you are working out and one day you will definitely lose weight. But to add a twist, the only thing it works like this on fitness is eating and eating a lot. Once you eat a lot of fatty food, all of your body parts gains weight.

  • Can I take a week off?

Oh yeah why can’t. If you have legit reason to leave a gym for a week, then its okay. Technically speaking 1 week can be covered easily next week but not 1 week off after every other week. You might get paid for calling in sick at work but here you have to pay yourself.

  • Are weight loss supplements good?

You need to know meaning of supplement first. A supplement is something which adds up if you are already providing. If you are not working out and only taking supplement, then you are just another dump person on our list of weird fitness questions.

  • Why do my pee smells after eating asparagus?

It is completely common and normal as when our body digest asparagus, it breaks down the amino acid into a sulfurous chemical which are smelly and gives your urine smell. You may notice this happens when you eat garlic as well.

  • Why do my legs itch when I do cardio?

There are several reasons why your legs can itch during cardio, while two of them are:

  • If you have not worked out for a while or have not done any physical which includes your leg, then tiny blood vessels in your skin activates and dilates. This result your nervous system to send the signal of itching which is very common and fades away as you keep doing cardio.
  • Another possible reason can be as your body starts heating up from cardio, skin your feet become sweaty quickly which is very sensitive to irritants resulting in itching.

At some point these weird fitness questions are meaningful too.

  • Why do I yawn when I lift weights?

During intense workouts, your brain needs more energy and oxygen, then any other part of your body. At the same time when you lift weight, other organs of body too need more amount of oxygen; yawning helps brain to save more oxygen for itself, which is only the reason you yawn when you lift weights.

weird fitness question
  • Don’t you think this meal plan sucks?

We have a question for you, don’t you think your body suck right now. We dont know how you meal plan is but your weird fitness question sucks.

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  • Can I smoke during the workout or after GYM?

We don’t see any reason why you cannot. After all it’s your money (gym fee), and it’s completely up to you how you want to waste it.

  • Why do you train so much?

Why don’t you? I’ve paid to gym so why will I not train. Ask something genuine so you won’t be listed on the MyFitness7’s funny fitness question list.

  • How do you eat such an extreme diet?

Simple, I hold my nose put food in my mouth and swallow it. You want to maintain fit body but don’t want to give any effort. Good luck!

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Well, these are some of the weird fitness questions that our members were asked. Have someone asked you more funny fitness questions then do let us know in comments so that we can add up some more in our list. In the meantime, sharing these weird fitness questions might bring smile on more faces.

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