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Healthy packed lunch ideas

First question do you like healthy packed lunch ideas 2020 or not? Or rather go to one of the fast food chain to grab your cheeseburger. Well this is kind of someone like me but it does has significant effect on your health. So better fill it with our healthy packed lunch ideas today. Rather than keep on talking lets move straight forward to the topic.

Chicken with Spanish style butter beans

Peel some garlic out of it’s skins and mix it together with the oil, lemon juice, some smoked paprika and some seasoning in bowl or lunch box itself. Add the butter beans on the top followed by  some peppers, cherry tomatoes and rocket, and give everything a good mix. Grab another lunch box and mix and match. Top it up with some chicken on one side and crumble over the feta on another. Well this was quick and you already have a lunch snack for tomorrow.

healthy packed lunch ideas 2020
Roasted Vegetables
healthy packed lunch ideas 2020

While veggies always tops the list only any healthy food and is pretty simple to prepare. Just pick whatever vegetables you like and wash them. Boil them. Take a pan and spray a bit of butter or oil and fry it for a while. Fill it up in your lunch box for tomorrow.

Fit Up Fitness Boonah

Chicken salad

Boil chicken for 10-15 min let it cook properly. Cut in pieces and put a bit of dressing and leave it for few hours. Grab some leaves, rockets, coriander, cherry tomatoes, chillies, onion ring and cucumber. Put everything in your lunch box and mix it. Add some dressing on top or cheese if you like. Voila you have almost mastered our healthy lunch box ideas.

Egg Wrap

Take a whole meal tortilla steam it. Cut boiled egg in half. Put in on tortilla, add some sauce, leaf, onion, cheese and wrap it up. You’ve got your lunch box ready in just 10 mins.

Boiled Chick Peas and Olive

Boil some chicken peas, carrot, cauliflower and broccoli. Pour it to your lunch box add some olive on top. Add a bit of strawberries, on side and followed by any dressings you like. There we go our lunch box is ready now.

Gym and diet for health fitness

While being one the fruits fan, I mostly take watermelons, apple slices, mango as my lunch. Slice all the fruits you like and pack it up in your lunch box. This is one of the easiest healthy packed lunch box ideas 2020 I have found so far which just takes 5 minutes to prepare.

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You are what you eat. Your food choices each day affects your health today and tomorrow. Right nutrition with balanced food is important part of healthy living. If your diet is combined with physical activities and it can reach peak to maintain a healthy weight and healthy lifestyle, reduces risk of disease and possible threats for your health. Eating healthy helps you in a lot of aspects like weight loss, cancer risks, diabetes management, keeps control  of blood pressure, stroke prevention, strong bones and improved memory. Well if I continue there are more but you all know what are benefits of eating healthy.

eating health for being fit

We have bought you this healthy packed lunch ideas 2020 to help you guys to eat healthy. All of the items we listed above does not take more than 30 minutes to prepare, while being listed as healthy diet. They will definitely save your some money from eating out, make you creative in kitchen and more. Voila you have just mastered our healthy packed lunch ideas 2020. You may also like to read Best weight loss meal recipe / Healthy lunch for works.

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