We all know that it is very popular to take as a resolution for the new year, to get fit and get a subscription to the gym to finally go there 3 times… But, if you are not someone who likes to workout in the gym, you can go outside and enjoy nature while doing physical activities! Having good clothing while going to the gym or outside is then really important because a lot of trouble can happen while exercising :

• garment rip having made a sudden movement

• being too cold and not having enough clothes

• being too hot and having only one layer of clothing before being naked

• nature that can play tricks on us

• people we can meet on the road

And many more!

By rummaging through the shops, you have to make a selection of your favorite sportswear to train while having style and, of course, being comfortable in your movements. This is why here is the checklist of the things you must get and be sure to wear when you are working out. You can also sell your gym products just by creating a stunning gym flyer design and popping them up on the gym walls.

best indoor exercises covid 19

Inside this article (Quick Summary)

The hoodie that will protect you from the cold in Gym

First of all, you must have a hoodie, whether you feel already hot outside. You never, know, maybe the time will suddenly change and you’ll be happy to have a hoodie to finish or abort your session!

For some, running too dressed can lose weight. Whatever your opinion is about that, that’s an interesting point, and also, it will make you apprehend pain and that’s a cool thing to have a strong spirit! Don’t forget the drink a lot after your session if you choose to do it, because your organism still needs water and your practice can be dangerous if done improperly.

The super t-shirt

It is common knowledge that you have to be dressed up when you are going somewhere in public. But what shirt could you wear to have even more energy while working out and exploding your goals?

You have three solutions :

The tight t-shirt

If you already have a good physique, you can choose to wear a super tight t-shirt that will highlight your muscles. but if you are not already well shaped, you can try, but most of the tries won’t be so effective.

The unoriginal t-shirt

Probably the worst one of all because not only there are way more comfortable shirts, but also, you don’t release the same aura than if you were wearing a t-shirt according to your personality. This is why this option should not be voted for and you should turn yourself towards better apparel in your wardrobe.

The funny shirt

Maybe the best one of the little list : in fact wearing a funny t-shirt will make yourself laugh, the other people laugh (but not at you) as well and you will have more energy to wear them.

Backpack to contain everything

How are you going to be able to carry your belongings, your bottles, your spare clothes and others without a backpack?

Several options are available to you:

• I decide to take a bag without any originality and no personality


• I decide to show the world my love for avocados and decide to get an avocado backpack.

In both cases, the bag must be large enough to accommodate all your belongings, without weighing 2 tonnes either.

Well, you know what choice to make then!

Shoes specialized for sport


The main thing that will be in contact with the massive Earth will be your shoes. And if your training is mainly using your feet, you must find the right pair that will accompany you in your workout.

You can choose to have conventional and soulless sport or running shoes, but as you know, nobody likes these! Get real funny shoes otherwise!

The avocado costume after you training

Why would you go to sport with a costume? And why an avocado costume?

Well, the fact is, you’re not really going to the gym with the costume, you’re taking the suit because after your workout session, you must be relaxed. And what’s better than going to a disguised party to be relaxed?

The question then is : what is the best disguise to wear to go to the party?

Well, the answer is simple : avocado costumes!

Instead of wearing the same old outfit like bananas ones and all, you should innovate and be dressed up in a fruit that you love : the fruit of fertility!

best indoor exercises covid 19

As you know, having a healthy life is important in those days, and this is why being dressed in a cool avo costume when you are invited to a disguised or not party is necessary to make people remember that avocados are awesome.

So now that you know everything, you have two choices :

• I decide to get dressed with the same old fashioned disguises like banana, witch or whatever,


• I get an avocado costume and surprise all my friends with this awesome outfit!

You now know what choice to make then .

Is everything checked? Then you are ready to go to the gym!

Have a nice workout!

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