If you are planning to get a professional coach for techniques to reduce weight, then you should consider reading our “Do Weight loss coaching works?” We have tried our best to include all the ups and downs of getting a professional weight loss coach for your long-term weight loss.

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Who is a weight loss coach?

A lot of people have a misconception than a person who help/ trains them in GYM is a weight loss coach. Sadly, it is not True. A weight loss coach can be someone who can provide you with:

  • A customized weight loss program and goal that meets your need and schedule.
  • Guidance on how to lose weight for good.
  • Techniques and strategies to build positiveness.
  • Accountability to keep you and your results on track.
  • Motivation during the tough time.
  • Customized program that works best for YOU!
Weight loss coaching works

How weight loss coaching works is simple. Like your teacher or tutor teach you in your school/ tuition, its same, they will be your guidance and help you when you need. But everything needs to be done by yourself. Of course!

Reason why you need a weight loss coach:

Most of the weight loss coaching works are designed to be high impact and to change the way you think. Having a coach behind your back will bring positive effect on your health and confidence.

  • Feel accountable and strengthen your discipline.
  • Find a program that fits your schedule and can adapt your specific needs.
  • Increase your confidence, motivation and control without relying on guilt or shame.
  • Overcome any trouble with constant adjustment to training plans and eating habits.
  • Avoid quick remedy that are not good for long run, avoid the trap of fad diets.

Do Weight loss coaching works?

MyFitness7’s thought on How weight loss coaching works and recommendation?

Most of the time, we recommend people to work out themselves as an effort to save money and be more productive. But here we must admit weight loss coaches are still a good thing to try. Weight loss coaches can help you meet your dietary requirement analyzing your eating habits, make a workout schedule that is not too easy and not too tough for your body. Well, it is not hard for yourself to do all these, it is just matter of time, because you know the difference between home fix and a professional fix.

But if you have a limited budget for your weight loss goal then you are free to skip weight loss coach. There are several coaches online like us who help you to meet your targets. Before you figure out how weight loss coaching works, here are few things to check on a coach before you hire them:

Things to consider before hiring weight loss coach.

How can you find a good weight loss coach? Even if a coach has a five-star rating, it does not mean he/ she is a good match for you and your goals. You are putting your effort, time and money for improved body, so better make it worth.

Outline your targets.

Most of the people make a big mistake of not making a target. It not only affects your result but also affects your coach. Having a target set up will help you coach to plan forward and make changes to meet the target. The weight loss coach always listens to what the client is trying to accomplish. So, before you give a head start, make sure you outline your target.

Take a budget into consideration.

As most of the things in life comes with a price tag, your weight loss coach will also come with a price tag based on location, affiliation, coach’s fan following and education. We would say it is reasonable to pay A$70-100 per session depending on the location and affiliation. Also look out for deals or ask them personally if they can offer a discount or maybe you can split the session and cost with a friend.

Ask them about their credentials.

Literally, everyone can call themselves a weight loss coach, therefore you need to find someone with some real credentials. Ask if they have any certificate or if they come with degree in related health field from accredited universities, even awesome.

Check if their personality is compatible with yours.

It is rare for two people to have almost same personality; this is why we mentioned compatible. You need to look for someone who is encouraging, compromising. These types of people are easy to get a long with. Coaches will push you to your limits to achieve your goal, so you should understand them too.

Set aside some time and dedication.

Time is what we do not have. We know all of us have a very busy schedule and can barely spare time for different activities. Just set aside a maximum of 45 min to 1 hour a day, working out or cooking your meal based on recommendation. It does not take much of the time but what it takes is can you stick on the plan for continuous 30 days or more. Being patient and positiveness is what it takes to lose weight.

Ask them questions.

Ask them question does not means perform their knowledge check, rather clear your doubts. Ask them about your diet, medication and fitness routine. Have something in mind, just ask them they will help you to clear it. After all it is what you paid for.

Do Weight loss coaching works?

We get a lot of queries about is weight loss coaching a thing, do weight loss coaching works? If you can afford it then it is a good idea and take it as kind of investment. However, if you cannot afford a weight loss coach, then here are some steps to get yourself started:

  • Outline your targets.
  • Create a daily workout schedule.
  • Cut calories as much as you can.  (A quick guide about cutting calories.)
  • Develop an actionable plan and write it down.
  • Identify bumps ahead of time.
  • Find the right balance with your work and personal life.
  • Be flexible so you can keep up your good habits.
  • Diet plans only work if you stick on it.
  •  Do not expect miracles.
  • Track your results and review.

Coaching on any field can be advantageous given you have the right coach or mindset if you call yourself a coach. Weight loss coaching works slightly different than a physical trainer as it needs constant adjustment to get in track which can include your workout intensity, altering your diet.

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