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Resistance band triceps exercise

Resistance bands are of course new trend that we all are observing for a while. Today we will explore about do resistance band actually work and how to use resistance band triceps exercise properly?

Resistance bands helps you to stretch and strength your muscle. They are available in different color, variation, strength. But most of the time these resistance bands are made up of rubber and stretchable. These resistance bands can be used for leg, chest, abs workout. There are several videos on YouTube for exercise using resistance bands for legs, chest, abs. All you have to do is give a quick search and watch. Well we are way too off topic now let’s pull all of you back.

resistance band triceps exercise

Do Resistance bands actually work?

Simple answer is YES. Resistance bands adds an external force/ resistance that simply makes your workout a bit difficult. It also acts as opposing force during your workout. When they are positioned properly, you can simply pull, push or curl against soft rubber resistance.

Benefits of resistance bands

While resistance bands come with huge advantages making them a popular choice for gym goers and trainer.

  • Travel Friendly and affordable
  • Comes on different size, level.
  • Suitable for all levels.
  • Increases coordination throughout body.
  • Strengthens curves.
  • Helps in losing weight and building muscles.

Resistance band triceps exercises

Using resistance band for triceps exercise is an incredible choice. Elastic tension from resistance band increases difficulty for back of your arms when stretched. You will get more tension at the end of every rep. These resistance bands are great way to keep your joints healthy as they have minimal impacts to your elbows and shoulders. While covering resistance band triceps exercise, it will also help to overcome your back pain if you have any. Versatility of these resistance bands are great and effective in helping build bench press. These bands are designed to withstand abuse from lifter and last long. We’ve listed few popular resistance band triceps exercises below:

  • Band push down: Push down with bands focuses on triceps and are far better than cable machine. Additionally, you can add a static hold at bottom for different length of time followed by high reps.
resistance band triceps exercise
  • Overhead triceps extension: To do overhead triceps extension you can face away from a power rack and hold bands overhead.

  • One arm pushdown: One arm pushdown is one of the most popular resistance band triceps exercise. This pretty much like band pushdown but only by using one arm at time. We recommend using lighter bands as you will only be using one hand.

  • Overhead dual band extension: This is similar to overhead extension, but you will be using two bands at a time with one band on each hand. This is a little bit tough in contrast but helps you making focus in triceps while moving the bands.

  • Vertical extension: To perform vertical extension face back and hold one end of band with your leg. Grab other end of the band and stretch out. But for more effectiveness we recommend you doing it with both hand and legs at a time.
resistance band triceps exercise

Triceps muscle contains three heads; lateral, long and medial head. While performing these resistance band triceps exercise you have to target your triceps more acutely by holding your elbow in fixed position, upper arms still and wrist straight. Further you stretch the band gives more force when they contract.

Healthy triceps will improve overall strength and performance in upper body  and also play an important role in shoulder stabilization. These resistance bands triceps exercises are just warm up. If you want to learn more advanced resistance bands triceps exercise then join our MyFitness7 premium feature for absolutely free.

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