We heard a lot about red tea detox for weight loss, let’s debunk all the benefits you can get, weight you can lose and can red tea detox be your next weight loss drink. Additionally, MyFitness7 will share you the best recipe to get your very own delicious red tea detox.

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Detoxing is a process of flushing out all the harmful toxin that lurk within your body. This includes alcohol, pollutant that are inhaled from water or air, and various foods. Red tea can act as a great detox agent as it is made up of purest and organic ingredients found in nature. Its powerful antioxidant properties can give you a boost on your weight loss.

What is red tea detox for weight loss?

Red tea detox is famous for minimizing health risks like cancer, cardiovascular diseases. It is known as a mild diuretic and can help in flushing out all the excess toxins from the body. It also helps in rebuilding nervous system, reducing anxiety, stress and other cognitive functions. Red tea detox is infused with superior organic herbs that are popular for reducing stress. Red tea detox is also a natural buster turmeric and anti-inflammatory agent that balance great taste with their added benefits for you.

red tea detox for weight loss

Can toxins cause weight gain?

The simple answer is YES! Toxins alter our metabolism and our ability to maintain proper blood sugar level with effects our hormones and insulin resulting in weight gain and diabetes.

Well, there might be various causes of weight gain, and toxins can be just one of them. If you want to lose weight, then only having a red tea will do nothing. You need to be very careful about what you eat and drink. Check our weight loss diet plans from MyFitness7 to give you a boost.

Now you know how detox tea can help you to lose weight, let’s explore more about red detox tea.

Does red tea detox for weight loss actually works?

We are not going to fool you like others. In simple words, Red tea detox for weight loss do not works, however it can strongly aid your weight loss. Teas are widely consumed as a health beverage and believed to aid in weight loss. Red detox tea contains high level of caffeine, which is normal in tea, high level caffeine can make it diuretic which triggers body to lose more water. It also has a laxative effect, meaning it will speed food through your digestive tract making your stomach look slim and flat. Powerful herbs, laxatives, and high-level caffeine present in red tea detox means it helps in a way (Depending on your diet and body.)

Red tea detox helps consumers losing weight without having to uproot their entire life. Just simple cup of warm tea in morning and night might change the way of your thinking towards weight loss.

Red Tea Detox Benefits:

  • Acts as toxin purging agent removing all the harmful toxins from your body.
  • Natural antioxidant which helps in weight loss.
  • Acts as energy booster, keeping you active.
  • Easy to prepare and safe to drink.
  • Maintain a healthy immune system.
  • Detoxify your system.

Red tea detox for weight loss can be a thing but it does come with some side effects which you need to be careful. Let’s explore more about their side effects:

red tea detox for weight loss

Side effects of red tea detox for weight loss                  

Most of the tea are just mixture of natural tea and no different than your regular ones. While some tea may contain additional herbs like senna, laxative, ephedra which can give some trouble to your health. Red detox tea may cause you diarrhea by emptying your colon and bladder which often leads to small amount of weight loss. Red tea is designed to make you more active however they can cause dangerous problems like:

  • Strokes, heart attacks
  • Seizures
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal discomfort, cramps
  • Electrolyte imbalance

Toxins locks fats into your body and without purging toxins from your body, weight loss is next to impossible. Red tea detox doesn’t require additional diet plan and there’s no specific workout plan associated to it. In fact, Red tea detox for weight loss is effective for both men and women and it does not matter how old the person is.

Recipe for Red Tea Detox

Place one tea bag or spoon of tea into a cup of hot water, stir for 3-5 minutes. Drink 1-3 cups of tea daily depending on your calorie plan.

Red tea detox is designed to provide people with natural ingredients which can purge the body toxins and promote weight loss. So, if someone comes to you and says, have red tea detox only for weight loss then you can skip them. Red tea detox only promotes weight loss and only having tea is not enough for losing weight.

red tea detox for weight loss

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Key Take Away:

Drinking red tea detox does not boosts the function that your body already does all day long. Surviving on tea for the purpose of weight loss is unnecessary. Without excessive consumption of alcohol, your liver can naturally detoxify your body. So, there’s no need of including red tea detox into your weight loss program.

Red tea detox can contain some harmful and illegal drugs which is a potential health factor. If the ingredients in your tea cannot be verified by manufactures, what they do in your body cannot be really determined. In some rare cases it can be highly dangerous for your hormones like steroid hormone and thyroid hormone.

While Red tea detox for weight loss might be a thing, but recommend you staying away for any products sold for “detox” or weight loss purpose. Red tea detox has not been proven scientifically, just check with your doctor if you see some side effects. The only way of staying healthy and losing weight is by having a balanced diet, drinking a lot of water and get enough sleep every night.

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