Comedian Ralphie May also known for his self-deprecating comedy has a funny story larger than his lifetime weight, which was anything but funny. Ralphie May gained nationwide fame with his reality show Last Comic Standing, where he often made fun of his enormous size. He was a great standup comedian from The United States known for most of his comedy specials on Netflix and other outlets.

But today we are not here to talk about Ralphie’s humor, we are here to read an inspiring story about Ralphie May weight loss and his struggles due to overweight. Before we start about Ralphie May weight loss, let’s quickly skim his biography in short.

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Ralphie May Biography

Full Name: Ralph Duren May

Born: 17th Feb 1972 Chattanooga, Tennessee, U.S.

Died: 6th October 2017 (aged 45) Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.

Occupation: Stand-up comedian, Television and Radio

Spouse: Lahna Turner

Highest Weight on Record: Approx. 800 pounds


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How did Ralphie May gain Weight?

When Ralphie was just 16 years old, he was in a car accident leaving him with 42 broken bones. (Sourced from: The Sun-Sentinel.) The accident was just the beginning for his serious weight problems. In the following recovery months, he gained hundreds of pounds. His highest weight recorded was around 800 pounds. This is where he started ralphie may weight loss. Back in 2004, he underwent gastric bypass surgery which helped him to shave good amount of weight. However, he was still overweight and could not seem to get himself into a healthy zone.

Ralphie May Weight Loss

Ralphie May weighed 800 pounds approximately and underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2004. He dropped around 350 pounds. Following that with some workout, he was able to drop his weight to 400 pounds later on.

ralphie may weight loss

Who doesn’t want their body in perfect shape? Ralphie was also one of us whose only goal was to weigh 250 pounds so he could “buy clothes at the mall.” Unfortunately, he was nowhere nearby. To add to ralphie may weight loss, he joined the cast of VH1 Celebrity Fit Club in 2005 and lost around 27 pounds. His weight fluctuated back and forth since then but never went down near to his goal. After all his effort, he weighed about 400 pounds, and he mentioned that he felt “good”.

Ralphie May Weight Loss Inspiration

Ralphie May, “I am fantastic and as good as it gets. I am actually losing weight for a change, and I am very much happy for change. I am miserable except for marijuana. I am substance free, which, for me, is awesome. My anxiety is being handled without Xanax or Benzodiazepines.” He mentioned in the outlet.

“I think there’s a bias against fat people on network television,” Ralph told to the Houston Chronicle.

He used to talk to media about his ralphie may weight loss and goals and also mentioned after losing his weight down to 400 pound he felt really good and healthy. Ralphie May tried his best to lose his weight but somehow, he was not able to reach his ultimate goals. The key take-away here is that he never lost his hope and never gave up. Ralph always tried every possible way to lose his weight.

ralphie may weight loss

“My average fan works for about $20 per hour or if unlucky $15 per hour. If my tickets are just under $30, it takes about 2 hours of their life to make it to my show. Why shouldn’t I give them two hours too? That way I am not better than anyone else.” May was a loyal friend, influential and inspirational comedian.

Ralphie May weight loss journey was not easy on him, highest amount of weight he lost was 350 pounds with the surgery. His other attempt to lose weight helped him to cut off 30 pounds more. Even after losing weight from surgery, he faced other weight issues and problems. The comedian did go through a lot of phases to lose weight, but he always kept going back and forth in his attempts.

Ralphie May Weight Loss Journey

Ralphie’s journey started with his goals of losing weight and buy clothes on a shopping mall. He took health supplements like apple cider vinegar and other fat burning drinks. He was really dedicated towards his goals, and he was serious about losing his weight. However, his busy schedule did not let him continue his goal properly. He started taking weight loss pills to make up for this which was his great mistake. There were several changes on his food routine, but he could not stick to it as of his busy schedule. After his cardiac attack, it made him more difficult to lose weight. However, we must praise his dedication toward his goal.

ralphie may weight loss

Ralphie May’s Tips for Weight Loss

Ralph used to share some of his tips to maintain the weight but because of his cardiac attack he could not maintain his ultimate weight goals. After his gastric bypass surgery, he tried to maintain his weight by eating healthy foods and taking some weight loss pills and tablets. However, he does not recommend taking the pills and tablets. He insists exercising and eating habit are enough for anyone to maintain their weight. It just takes time and there is nothing you can do just weight and stick to your goal. The day will definitely come.

Ralphie May shared his goals and his experience with his fans. He mentioned he used to take tablets as he cannot follow the food routine. The side effects of the tablets made him gain too much weight which pushed him back from his goal.

Although Ralph May could not see himself in fit health and health weight zone. The ultimate goal of Ralph was to lose weight to 250 pounds which would help him to buy clothes in any store or mall. Ralphie May weight loss journey ended when he was just 45 years young. He was suffering from pneumonia and died due to cardiac arrest. Although he left the world, but he also left the inspirational story “Ralphie May Weight Loss”. If you loved Ralphie May’s story, we would recommend you reading Rachel Maddow’s Weight Loss story.

Ralphie May struggled with his obesity throughout his life. He participated sever fitness club, underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2004. Despite his desperate attempt to lose weight, he was not able to. However, he tried every possible way to lose weight, worked hard, changed eating habits and much more. Ralphie May was a famous comedian and hell of a man who won hearts of people from his excellent comedy skill and his dedication toward losing weight and also with his inspirational ralphie may weight loss story.

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