Rachel Maddow is a host of the American Television Program and a liberal political commentator. She also hosts Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC. Rachel Maddow weight loss has been a common topic of debate due to her inspirational story about weight loss. There is no secret behind her weight loss as Rachel followed a basic process of exercising and changed her eating habits. Rachel Maddow’s weight loss journey is very inspiring for her fans as she really worked hard to achieve her fitness targets. There are many people who want to follow her footsteps and get an amazing body. Today I will share her inspiring story along with her secret to the amazing body.

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Rachel Maddow’s Biography

Full Name: Rachel Anne Maddow

Birth: 1st April 1973 in The United States

Current Age: 48 Years

Education: Stanford University (BA) Lincoln College, Oxford (MA, DPhil)

Occupation: Television Host, Political Commentator, Author

Partner: Susan Mikula

Source: Wikipedia

rachel maddow weight loss

Rachel Maddow Weight Loss

Rachel mentioned her habits that she used to love exercise and was always excited to go to the gym. She also told if she does not go to gym, she feels grumpy and lazy. She told, “I had a lot of issues and problem but after I needed to lose weight to prove to everyone that they can lose weight if they have enough inspiration.”

As she was a media person, her health can create a lot of gossips between media and people. She wanted to drop down her dress size because of her weight but she didn’t realize that she would receive magical change after weight loss. She also told, “I do not want to force anyone or the director of show to ask me to leave the show because of my weight.” But after some time, she decided to lose her weight then the directors told her to leave the show.

Rachel Maddow Weight Loss Pills

By the help of internet and media, we found that Rachel started taking pills which were recommended by her colleagues. Rachel always thought that being on camera and the stage means she always need to look good for herself and her fans. She took advice from here diet specialist doctor. She used to take the Garcinia Pills for weight loss. Her diet specialist said that the formula of these pills can drop about 8 pounds of fat every month and it helps to flush out the junk material in your body. Additionally, he told, it also helps you to digest food more easily.

Rachel Maddow Weight Loss Q&A’s

(These question and answer have been pulled from WEBMD’s Archives. You can view the original post here.)

  1. What’s your best and worst health habit?

I love and crave exercise and gym. I don’t have to fight myself or deal with willpower. If I don’t get to the gym, I get grumpy.

I am on the air until 10 pm. and get home at 11 pm. to 12 pm. This means I eat really late and dinner at midnight which is a nice way to grow a potbelly and not sleep well.

rachel maddow weight loss
  • How’s your health at the moment?

If I had to rate myself, I would give B-. In the news business, we normally work on four-year cycle and when the election rolls out, you have to put everything else on the back burner. For 2016, I have been sort of living off of pizza.

  • How do you decompress?

I used to try really hard to take at least a day off from a week and try to be off the grid. I leave New York over the weekends and spend my time outdoors. Any time that I have to work through the weeks, it throws me for a loop.

  • How do you feel about aging?

My partner’s late father would say, “Aging is not for sissies.” I though that was sort of adorable but now as I’m into my 40s, I believe him.

  • You’ve had recurring depression. What was it like for you?

Rachel, “The way I experience depression is a real closing off from the world. It makes you shut down physically and can be very isolation and lonely. The worst part is it turns on and off frequently.”

  • What helps you to manage depression?

My partner, she uses to remind me that I am having an episode which is temporary and won’t allow it to stop my life. I have to stick to a routine and keep exercising.

  • What makes you happy?

I had a good relationship with my partner and it’s the spine on which the rest of my skeleton hands. We are together for almost 18 years now and we have two giant black labs who are giant marshmallows.

  • Do you have any puppy advice?

There is no such thing as too much puppy class. We had a dog who was a super handful. We just kept doing puppy class over and over.

Depression Cycle of Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow got depression since here teenage, and she used to take small information very seriously if it was related to her weight. She started taking advice from her partner and join a workout and yoga’s to counter react with her depression. She found that exercise and her meditation helped her to get out of the depression. She mentioned there are some very important things in her life and two of them are mediation and exercise.

She is not a fan of surgeries so, she uses to avoid it as much as she can, this is what forced herself with a lot of exercising and dieting plans to avoid surgeries.

Continuing on inspiring story of Rachel Maddow Weight loss, let’s learn about her exercise and routines.

rachel maddow weight loss

Exercise and Routines

Rachel Maddow follows exercise routines given by the trainers and performs some extra meditations and yoga. She works out daily and eats more fruits and salads which help her to maintain her body. On top of her exercise, she also takes care of her skin as her profession is to host the show, so she needs to look quite good on camera.

Her morning and evening exercise routines helped here to lose some weight and her yoga helped her to stay positive and focused. After her daily yoga and meditation, her depression problem was completely gone.

She mentioned her partner also helped her a lot to stay motivated. She thanked to her partner along with her positiveness, exercise, diet food, mediation for her aspirational story Rachel Maddow Weight Loss.

Rachel Maddow Weight Loss Conclusion

Rachel Maddow proved that anyone with positiveness can shed extra weight from body. Rachel also proved that the extra weight of any person does not take him/her zoned out. She is a great example to those who think that they can lose weight only with operations.

If you like Rachel Maddow Weight Loss story, then do not forget to comment below and read Ralphie May’s Weight Loss. We will come up with more inspiration story to keep you motivated for your weight loss. Who knows like Rachel Maddow weight loss story, tomorrow your name may be at the front instead of Rachel Maddow

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