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Frequently asked questions

MyFitness7 is your fitness buddy who not only helps you to acheive your fitness targets but also rewards you to doing so. Check out our store for discounted gadgets.

We are completely free to use website but in order to access all the premium content you will need a premium account. We offer 100% money back if you are not satisfied. If you don’t wish to pay then you will have limited access to our content.

At the moment, we don’t have any mobile app. We are working hard to get one for you.

Being a member in our site and willing to help others, we will never say no. We welcome any sorts of contents from our members but it needs to go through few fact checks before gets live in website.

We use secure SSL encryption and store all our data in server securely. If someone tries to play around with backend of our website. We close our website entirety for everyone to figure out what is going on.


*Minimum amount of ads may be displayed only on blogs. There will be no ads on other services like ebooks, videos, calculators and other services. 

Ads are shown on blogs just to keep membership charges low for everyone. We are sorry abaout it. Please choose custom plan if you want no ads at all.

Our clients say

I STRONGLY recommend MyFitness7 to EVERYONE for a healthy life! Just what I was looking for. Great job, I will definitely be a member forever!"
Hilary Leigh
Motivational Speaker
This is unbelivable. MyFitness7 totally blown me up. Nicely done Guys.
Quintin Angus
Video Grapher