Some people are naturally blessed with curvy body while most of women Google ‘how to get curvy body?’ to achieve this goal. Today we are exploring everything about how to get curvy body in one month and every bit of the process including the curvy body diet plan, curvy body workout and more.

Before we start our talk, let’s be realistic, you can get your curvy body in a couple of weeks but remaining curvy is a different thing. You can easily get curves but to get huge curves it will take some time and effort and sadly those curves will fade away if you stop working out.

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How to get Curvy Body?

Curvy Body diet plan

Whichever shape you want your body, the key is eating healthy and sadly there is no shortcut for diet plans. For developing curvy body, you should consider intaking more macronutrients i.e., protein, carbohydrate, and fat. These macronutrients help growing and blocking booty muscle size which is what making your body curve. Here is the list of food for curvy body that you should be focusing:

ProteinComplex CarbsFat
Lean Meat (Pork, beef, chicken, turkey)Sweet, Irish PotatoesAvocado
Fish (Salmon)Brown or White RiceOlives
Beans (Black beans, Chicken peas, pinto beans etc.)Whole Wheat BreadsNuts (Almonds, Pine nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews)
Egg, Hard CheesePastaFatty fish
Low fat, Greek yoghurtCorn and OatmealPeanut butter
Soy MilkWhole GrainsCheese
Nuts (Almonds, Pine nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews)Fruits like apple, berries and bananas.Coconut and Coconut oil.

All these foods mentioned above are beneficial toward your journey to curvy body. In addition to macronutrients listed above consider including fiber rich food like veggies in your meal. They will help you with your bowel activities and reduce hunger which controls the total food consumption preventing you from eating more often. Consider checking our Slim Thick Diet Plan for more detailed information on how to get curvy body.

Eating Habits Improvement

You need to reduce body fat for curves to show up. Here are some of the tips to help you during your journey to curvy body:

  • Cut down your calories: Cutting calories helps you loosing fat. According to Medline Plus, if you cut down 500 calories every day a week, you will lose about 1 pound a week. Here are 10 Ways to cut 500 calories a day from
how to get curvy body
  • Avoid highly processed foods: Highly processed food contains sugar and added preservatives which are bad for health. Instead, you can focus on fresh fruits, lean protein, or vegetables.
  • Control your hunger: Eating too often is not beneficial for curvy body. Ask yourself if you are really hungry. Try eating fiber rich food which helps keeping you full for longer time periods.

Curvy Body workout plan

You do not need a lot of equipment to burn fat and shape your body. You certainly do not need expensive treadmills. Stability balls, resistance tubes, speed ladder, cones, jump ropes will help you to shape your body.

Most of the journey begins with googling how to get curvy body and ends on workout plans. If you are really focused on getting curvy body, then you must keep yourselves motivated all the time. Set aside at least 30-45 minutes a day throughout the week for your workout plans.

  • Cardio: You can start with the reverse plank, leg kicks, squat, deadlifts, burpee, jump squat kick etc. Cardio training will help you with metabolism and fat loss process.

how to get curvy body
  • Targeted Abs and Waist Exercise: Once you finish cardio, you can target your waist and abs. This will help you to tone, tighten and burn belly fat and make your waist smaller. Check our ideas to lose belly fat for further instructions.
  • Try Hips and Bum Workout: Some of workout plans to start with are Lateral Step-out Squat, Plie Squat, Plank leg lift, Fire hydrant, lying leg lift etc. See this guide from Daily Burn about lower body exercises.

Apart from these workouts, Yoga, High intensity interval training, Lunges, Wall press, Pushups are some of the workouts especially designed for your lower body part.

Sleep and Rest

You might wonder, what is this part doing on our guide about how to get curvy body. Well turns out sleep and rest are crucial for you body to shape up. Sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours a day and set aside 1 hour for relaxing. This helps you to release all workday pressure and makes you focus on your goal. Apart from work, it is recommended to add stress relieving activity in your schedule. When a human body is filled with stress, it releases cortisol; a hormone that manage how your body uses carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. When in stress it can alter the body’s most important function and result in rapid weight gain.

Dos and Don’ts for curvy body

Workout regularly and on same time. Try mix of cardio and strength training.Avoid eating processed and junk foods.
Include protein, carbohydrate, and fat in your diet plan.Avoid drinking energy drinks before workouts.
Eat healthy and stay hydrated.Avoid canned fruit, soda drinks and packaged vegetables.
Consider using body shapers.Do not lift heavy weight.
Stay motivated and follow MyFitness7Do not give up.
how to get curvy body figure

Although there are lots of ways to reduce inches from your waist and tone your muscle, but it is important to be realistic. A perfect curvy body may be hard to achieve, and it is really a body shape that few people have naturally. As you approach this body shape, remember it will not happen overnight. Nothing comes easy, not even that curvy body and waists. You must input work. Instead of aiming for a specific type of body shape, try to target optimum and healthy body with regular exercise and healthy life. Moreover, do not forget to love your body and yourselves.

If you have any suggestion and recommendations for us about how to get curvy body, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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