Yesterday, I was going through the comment on several posts and found a lot of people asking me to share fat to fit stories and journeys. So, today I’ll be talking about an inspiring fat to fit journey of Chan Vekaria (A business owner and a Mum). Alongside, I will also share her master plan to lose weight. Before we jump into her inspiring fat to fit journey; let’s give you some background about her:

Name: Chan Vekaria

Highest Weight on Record: 104.7 KG in July 2009

Latest Weight Recorded: 43.9 KG

(More details; in biography section)

Chan Vekaria, “My entire life, I have been overweight and my mum recalls that I started putting on weight from the age of 11. What she though was just a little puppy fat turned into tipping the scales into obesity.”

chan vekaria

Chan Vekaria is a business owner and a mum from London, United Kingdom who struggled with her weight since she was 11 years old. She explains her lack of knowledge of healthy eating and nutrition was the causes for her obese weight. She also told; she did not want to exercise which resulted her peak weight of 104.7 KG.

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Chan Vekaria Biography

We do not have much detail about Chan Vekaria’s personal life but here is what we know:

Full Name: Chan Vekaria

Birth Year: 1976, 45 Years old.

Residence: United Kingdom

Profession: Business Owner

Peak Recorded Weight: 107.7 KGs

Current Approx. Weight: 43.9 KGs

Here is a video about herself from Chan Vekaria’s YouTube Channel:

Chan Vekaria’s Fat to fit Journey

Chan spent a lot of time learning about the importance of healthy eating and keeping fit, not only for her fat to fit journey but also to feel better emotionally.

“I had several turning points in my life. The first was when I was about 16 years old and went to theme park with my friends. All my friends went on a ride, but I was not able to go on rides as I was worried the harness would not close.” – Chan Vekaria

“Before my wedding, I had an incentive to lose weight and look good for my big day of life. I lost about 12 Kilos in the run up for the wedding. Since then, I put this back on for my fat to fit journey and then some as soon as the wedding was over.”

Every time I went out to try and buy new fancy clothes, it was a disaster, and I would return home with nothing, as nothing in the popular high stores fit my size. I did vow to lose weight every time but then ended up ordering clothes from online stores, which use to provide plus sized clothings. I used to cut the label as soon as the clothes arrived, so I did not have to face looking at the size 24 tags anymore!” – Chan Vekaria

Chan Vekaria’s Fat to Fit Meal Plan

Chan always blamed her poor eating habits and her lack of knowledge for being obese. And in a way it seems true as well. When she was kid, she started being obese and once she was an adult, her habits changed and knowledge too which helped her to shed some weight. She did not have any separate meal plan to lose weight, and these are her daily food as mentioned on her website and YouTube channel.

chan vekaria fat to fit

Fat to fit Breakfast

Her breakfast used to start with either fruit or nuts and oats. She mentioned, “I use to prepare oats with almond milk, chia seeds and berries every night to have them with fruits or nuts. These are my favorite and calory saving plan for breakfast.”

Fat to fit Lunch

Chan mentioned she was fond of steamed vegetables, broccoli and spinach being her favorite. She used to prepare a big batch of steamed vegetables and have them with either couscous, quinoa, egg, or baked potatoes. She also mentioned that she loves to have some form of protein by adding some yoghurt or cottage cheese. Over the weekends, she used to cook healthy roti by adding some oats, spinach, and flax seeds into her dough. Casually, she used to treat herself with curry made from vegetables; soya or Quorn.

Fat to fit Dinner

“My family enjoys soya and Quorn products, so I try to add this with any vegetable. I try to eliminate as much carbs as possible. I used to have cauliflower curry or salad as it is my favorite vegetable now. I used to make pizza bases, hash brown and Frittata using cauliflower.” Chan Vekaria.

Fat to fit Desserts

“I used to get hit by a lot of sugar craving, but I need to make sure when they hit, I have to be healthy. I have a sweet tooth and need to have so sweet here and there. So, I used to make banana ice-cream or energy bars and have some dry fruits to sweeten them up.”

Also, with the drinks, she used to have more water but also few fat burning drinks occasionally. See the benefits of having honey before bed.

After all proper eating habits only do not help you to shed some weight. Here are some of the Chan Vekaria’s fat to fit workout plan.

Fat to Fit Workout Plan

I enjoy all forms of exercise, so I have included mixture of weight, resistance, core strength and some cardio on my workout plan. Some of my favorite workouts are boxing and weight training. I perform body weight row casually as well. My training schedule is devised in a way that I get at least two days break before working on same muscle again and at least one day rest break with no workout at all. After all I am a mum too and I love my family.

Secrets of Fat to Fit Journey

The biggest secret to my journey was to learn the importance of weight training. The leaner muscle we have the more fat our body will burn even at rest. This is because after each workout, our muscle needs some energy to repair their fibers, meaning our metabolism can be raise for as long as 40 hours post the workout.

How do I stay motivated for Fat to Fit Journey?

If you have a fat body then you cannot have a lot of things, however you can have motivation and that is all you need for slim and thick body. I stayed motivated by looking back on my progress and seeing how far I have come. Not do I use to look physically different, but I use to feel psychologically stronger. I was much more confident, happier, and fit. I used to run away from people back then, now I like taking my daughter to new place.

Losing weight and changing your body is not a few days plan. It is a complete change in lifestyle. Chan Vekaria changed her way of cooking, eating in 2009 and she got her slim body in 2015 which means it took her 6 years even after having strong mindset. “I will always continue to eat healthy and clean most of the time, however I do have cheat meals and days off. But it won’t stop me from reverting back to healthy eating.” Chan Vekaria.

So, this was the fat to fit journey from a UK mum Chan Vekaria, if you have some of the inspiring story, you would like to share with our audience, shoot us an email on and we’re more than happy to share it with the world.

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