One punch man workout is one of the most popular workouts that you will come across, especially for the anime fans. It is a workout plan of world’s strongest person, Saitama, a fictional character. Today let’s explore how practical one punch man workout is? What muscles it work, what dier you need and how the Strongest Saitama Workout can be done every single day?

Before we begin let us quickly give you idea about one punch man workout, it’s origin and background.

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What one punch man workout actually is?

The one punch man workout is all about consistency and focus on yourself. Well, if you follow the anime, it consists of:

  • 100 Push-ups
  • 100 Sit-ups
  • 100 Squat
  • 10 KM Run

And all the listed workout every single day without any miss. In real life scenario, it is not always possible as running 10 KM a day would take a lot of time and running on the roads would not help you to pay your bills. So, today let’s talk how practical one punch man workout is and what if we actually do it.

How practical one punch man workout is?

If you are a fresh off then it’s impossible, here’s a real story about this. Samuel started doing one punch man workout by completing all the push-ups, sit-ups, squat and run every day. After few weeks, Samuel noticed his intense workout lead his body little to no rest and his body did not even had enough time to regrow the muscle that he was breaking down. The only visible difference after a month was in his hulking calf muscle.

one punch man workout 10 km

We heard this story about Samuel and decided to kick in and change his plan. Here are some of the adjustments we mentioned to Samuel. Instead of doing one punch man workout every day, we suggested Samuel to take 2 days off and workout quite a bit low intensity workout. We suggested him to change his running distance to about 5.5 KM, 30 push-ups and 30 sit-ups and 50 squats.

We also suggested him to add 0.5 KM every second week, 5 push-ups every week, 10 sit-ups every third week and 25 squats every month. This way his body will get rest and intensity of the workout will gradually increase as along as he can.

 After a month or two, he said, “I am at my full intensity and cannot go further.” We said, “It’s completely fine as you’re building your body not following an anime into a real life.” Samuel added, “Gradually increasing intensity and taking some rest is definitely a key for a workout. You cannot just push yourselves. Run 1 KM today and run 1.5 KM next week. It’s completely fine, at least you are trying your best.”

If you are someone who wants to do one punch man workout but cannot here’s another approach to it. Instead of doing 100 push-ups, break it into 4 sets of 25, complete a set and take 5 minutes break and continue. This way you can achieve one punch man workout easily.

one punch man workout

Even if it sounds bit ugly then we have another approach to, do 20 push-ups, squat, sit-ups and run 2 km in the morning and do same 5 times through out the day. Choice is yours which ever idea suits you, you can try it.

Here is a plan for your workout:

*Since your body might not be ready for the workout, so take 2-3 days of first few weeks.

WeekPush-upsSit-upsSquatRunning (miles)
1 & 22525252.5
3 & 43535354
5 & 66060605
7 & 88080806
9 & 101001001006.2 (10 KM)

We have been slightly off the topic and sorry about it. But it is not impossible to achieve one punch man workout. Body builders and trainers can easily achieve this what they need is diet, effort, time, and motivation.

Benefits of one punch man workout

If you are looking for explosive body, be a boxer, martial artist then this might be your best and budget idea. Doing 100 push-ups a day is a lot, your upper body and cardiovascular health will benefit a lot. You are going to burn a lot of fat, by a lot we mean a lot, a lot, a lot. Doing push-ups, and sit-ups helps your body in regulating fat gain and building muscle. Here are some of the benefits of one punch man workout:

  • Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Muscle Endurance
  • Lower body Endurance
  • Cost effective since you do not need to go gym or buy and equipment.
  • Easy to follow.
  • Promote weight loss.
  • Sets you to the routine.

Diet for one punch man workout

Diet is the backbone for a workout, having a proper diet plan helps you achieve the fitness target more easily. The fictional character Saitama had only one specific rule about diet i.e., do not skip breakfast at any cost, a banana is fine too. Anyways this was his rule, here you need to push more vegetables, protein. These are only two simple diet formula for one punch man workout. A pro tip if you are following this workout. There is a high chance that this workout will cause inflammation of your joints. Fortunately taking turmeric supplement is a simple way to cure inflammation of your joints.

one punch man workout diet

Equipment needed for one punch man workout

Normally you would not need any special equipment for this workout. However, we recommend the following items to be handy for you:

  • Yoga Mat
  • Running shoes
  • Pull-up Bar (optional)

One punch man workout: Conclusion

This fictional character’s workout is beneficial for fitness and health goals. It is great for full body workout that meets your cardio as well as supports your muscle growth needs. However, it is highly suggested to take some rest or adjust the intensity of workout. Also, keep intaking protein in a good amount. This will keep you from being stagnant in your growth.

Although the Saitama’s Workout Routine is an amazing program but there is a catch. This workout will not work for building extreme amount of muscle. It also lacks the pull-up movements. And the last catch is you do not work on joint stability. However, if you add pull-ups to the one punch man workout then it is an excellent option for many people.

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