A waist trainer may have numerous amount of benefits for people with back pain, posture issues, developing confidence etc. It is also proven to speed up postpartum healing for new moms. However, finding the best plus size waist trainer for women that is durable, non-itchy and comfortable is like finding a needle in a haystack. What is more intriguing is, it is really difficult to find waist trainer for plus size women. Today we will discuss about benefits and list you some of the best plus size waist trainer for women available in the market.

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The standard size waist trainers are easily available in the market when compared against the plus size waist trainers, the main reason being the manufacturers who do not product larger size. To make your life easier we have put together this article with a detailed review of best plus size waist trainer for women.

Benefits of waist trainers

Waist trainers are designed to shape your waist region and lose weight without much exercise. There are also some designs that specifically work for belly fat. Apart, we have a whole article written about losing belly fat, which you might want check.

Here are some of the major benefits of waist trainers:

  • Enhance the shape of belly and waist.
  • Boosts the confidence of a women.
  • Does not require intense workout and is proven to be effective with little effort.
  • Easily hides within the clothes and is completely unnoticeable.
  • Helps in losing weight without any form of pain.

Best plus size waist trainer for women

If you really want to know about best waist trainers than let’s not waste our time and start right away. Also, they are all available on Amazon easily.

LODAY Waist Trainer Corset

LODAY waist trainer corset is ideal for plus size women as it comes with plus size long torso. It can be easily worn during workout or under everyday clothing. It features a zipper closer making it more convenient to use. It features double layer high compression and holds everything in. It also features belly fat burner giving you the curvy look. Here are some of the features of LODAY waist trainer corset:

  • Convenient zipper closure.
  • Dual layer high compression and comfortable.
  • High quality spiral steel boning to prevent from rolling up or down.
  • Adjustable zip and hooks.
  • Long torso design.

Hopgo Waist Trainer for Women

Hoppgo waist trainer is made up of 80% Neoprene and 20% Nylon which features Zipper and Velcro closure. It makes you sweat easily in sport and is more flexible, durable, and comfortable. Hopgo guarantees that it will not irritate or pitch your skin.

  • Made up of 80% Neoprene and 20% Nylon.
  • Flexible, durable, comfortable, and easily washable.
  • Double layer tummy control perfect for hourglass curves.
  • Perfect for sports, gym, dancing, running and more.
  • Zipper and Velcro closure.

SlimmKISS Women Latex Waist Trainer

Slim kiss is one of the best plus size waist trainer for women as it is made up of 100% latex and features spiral 9 Felix design. This design is flexible and durable and shape your tummy and define your waistline to maximize the curves. It helps to speed up the calorie burning process and keeps your muscle supported. High compression durable latex will provide high resistance to a slim curve.

  • Made from 100% latex.
  • Durable, flexible, and comfortable.
  • Features 9 Felix Design to shape your tummy.
  • Works for long torso weight.
  • Speeds up calorie burning process.

Shaperx Heavy Duty Waist Training Corsets

We recommend shaperx as the best plus size waist trainer for women as of its strong hygroscopicity. It is made of mesh and cotton making it cooler and more breathable. 26 double steels boned underbust corset helps for heavy duty waist training. It provides lumbar and back support and can be easily worn underneath any of your daily clothing. However, it comes with special design which makes it a fashionable Halloween costume or a simple daily outfit.

best plus size waist trainer for women
  • Busk closure.
  • Made of mesh and cotton, making it more comfortable, cooler, and breathable.
  • Fashionable design.
  • Provides lumbar and back support.
  • Recommended for post pregnancy weight loss.
  • Made from 20 Spiral steel bones, 4 steel bars in back and 2 steel bars adjacent to front busk.

LEYIKU Women’s Waist Training Corset

LEYIKU is a plus size waist trainer for lower belly specifically designed with three rows hook and eye closure for a great fit strap. It comes with 9 steel bones making it more comfortable, resilient, and durable. It features easy zipper closure and is made from quality neoprene making it a lightweight waist trainer.

  • Zipper closure.
  • Made from quality neoprene.
  • High performance body shaper.
  • Features 9 steel bones making it more comfortable.
  • Maximizes your corves and flatten your stomach.
  • Helps to burn back fat.

Mircano Waist Trainer for Women

Mircano waist trainer is a double layer high compression trainer providing effective comfort to your body. It is made from 100% latex and features zipper closure. It has stretchy fabric and moves according to your body need while performing any activity. It also features 3 row hook closure giving you a slimmer and cleaner look.

best plus size waist trainer for women
  • Zipper and 3-layer hook closure for slimmer look.
  • Made for 100% latex and stretchy fabric.
  • U-type anti-droop breast design.
  • Preserves body heat and stimulates sweat during your exercises.

Ekouaer Women’s underbust Corset Waist Trainer

Ekouaer features 90% polyester and 10% spandex and comes in 3X large size. It is made from cotton and features hook and eye closure. Comfortable soft mesh and strap design is what it makes Ekouaer the best plus size waist trainer for women. 9 spiral Felix boning support makes it more flexible and durable.

  • Hooks and eye closure that do not tear off easily.
  • Soft mesh lining and trims.
  • Boosts thermal activity.
  • Comfortable and flexible design that does not dig into your skin.
  • High compression to reduce waistline up to 3 sizes instantly.

Hoplynn Sauna Sweat Waist Trainer

The Hoplynn sauna sweat waist trainer is a premium corset comes with four spiral steel boning making it perfect for weight loss and best plus size waist trainer for women. Plus, sized women can even exercise in this corset due to its breathable function and comfortability making it a best plus size waist trainer for women. Moreover, it is quite cheaper option than rest of the waist trainer we reviewed. However, it’s effectiveness is same as compared to other.

  • Zipper and Velcro closure.
  • 3 in 1 design can be used as sports bra, waist trainer and hot sauna vest.
  • Durable, snug, and easy to wear.
  • Cheaper choice in comparison to other waist trainers.
  • Easy to put on and take off despite being complicated design.
best plus size waist trainer for women

Sumeiyan Steel Boned Waist Trainer

It is just perfectly design giving you elegant look and making it the best plus size waist trainer for women when compared to the look. It is made from 100% natural latex and features hook and eye closure. It is a good choice for gum, running, yoga, walking and more. It makes your body curve and more attractive.

  • 3 rows of hook and eye closure.
  • Comes in plus size and XL options.
  • Cheaper and cost effective.
  • Made from 100% natural latex.
  • Rated 4.3 stars out of 5 in Amazon.

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Wonder Beauty Waist Trainer

Although its last on our list but do not confuse, better things come at the end. Wonder Beauty is also one of the best plus size waist trainer for women. It is made from 80% Neoprene and 20% Nylon and is easily washable. Wonder Beauty waist trainer features zipper closure. It helps to increase the abdominal area temperature and helps you to sweat more. 7 Steel bones helps to straighten and give you back support allowing you to correct your posture.

  • Made from 80% Neoprene and 20% Nylon.
  • Zipper closure.
  • Easy comfortable, durable, and washable.
  • Features 7 steel bones for back support.

Best plus size waist trainer for women: Things to consider

We aimed that this guide on the best plus size waist trainer for women will help you to pick one of the best waist trainers for you however there are few other things which you need to consider before buying it.

Boning Type

It is one of the important things to consider for the best plus size waist trainer for women as it could be produced using both plastic and steel. Plastic is not idea and is cost effective and inferior product. Steel on the other hand is quite costly but comes with several merits over the plastic ones.

Our recommendation will be using Steel boning type for your waist trainer.

Fitting and Size

Well, we do not think we need to explain more here. So, just be careful and check the size before you purchase any waist trainer or else you will not be able to wear it. The best plus size waist trainer for women need to be of best fitting or else will be just the waste of your time.


Reviews is something we never check specially when it comes to the best plus size waist trainer for women. It is a good practice to check customer feedback, reviews, and satisfaction. Always seek for genuine reviews and see the customer feedbacks before buying anything. You do not want to buy a product with 1 star rating and is just waste of time and money.

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